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only_aiken's Journal

Only Clay Aiken
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For people who like Clay Aiken, but not necessarily fans of American Idol.

Like the name says, its only_aiken.


1. You may ONLY talk about Clay Aiken in this comminity. It is not an american idol community, keep those comments to your personal journal, or an AI community or whatever. IF you do talk about it, your post will most likely be deleted.

2. There will be NO questioning of Clay's sexuality in here. If you think hes gay, fine. IF you think he's straight, fine. But please DO NOT post entries like "I think he's straight" or I think he's gay, what do you guys think?"

3. DO NOT attack other people for what they say in here. I you have a problem with someone's comments, talk to them about it, or come to me. IF you start attacking people, you will probably be banned from the community

4. If you can't write in plain english, and you wRiTe LyKe ThIs or any variation of abbrevations like that, I Will delete your post. I'm sorry but that is really annoying.

Those are basically my only rules. I do ask that you be respectful to each other, we are all in this community for the same reason, right?

I'm sorry if I sould harsh about the whole American Idol thing, but I never watched that show. I am just a Clay Aiken fan, and some of the other communities they talk about both, and my friends page would get flooded with AI this, and AI that so that is why I made this community.


Maintained by osuchick, however, I only use this one to maintain the community. I have a new lj name, early_joevember

my AIM name is plaidjoevember. For some reason, I put it in the info, and it's not showing up :(